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Podcast #3: Alice Yeh

Podcast #3: Alice Yeh

On Reframing "Setbacks" and Finding Fulfillment

Alice is a life fulfillment coach who helps high-achieving mid-career professionals find the freedom to live the life they want. She has degrees from Princeton and Wharton, and has worked in finance (including at J.P. Morgan) and tech (including at Google). Alice is originally from Philadelphia and is currently based in San Francisco.


0:00 – Introduction

1:29 – Top travel recommendations (Galapagos, Morocco, Israel).

6:26 – Education & career journey through finance, tech, and coaching. Sabbatical and year-long self discovery journey.

15:00 – Reframing “setbacks” as opportunities. Self knowledge through coaching.

18:31 – Extrinsic vs. intrinsic motivation. Seeking challenges for learning and growth. Following one’s own path to satisfaction and joy.

25:42 – Alice’s coaching work with high achieving mid-career professionals who feel “stuck” and are unsure what to do next. Breaking free from the expectations of others and one’s own inner critic.

29:10 – The complementarity of therapy and coaching. Therapists helping people address the past and coaches helping people to move forward.

34:29 – Burnout & demotivation from overwork, lack of autonomy, lack of resources, unfairness, values mismatch, etc.

39:30 – Group coaching, content creation, speaking engagements. Dealing with failure and mental health awareness among university students.

43:07 - Content recommendations. Personal health & wellness. The interconnection between physical and mental health. Small, consistent actions leading to longer term habits. Journaling. Social support and accountability.

1:02:50 – Conclusion

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